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1 Rechargeable Battery Replacements

Where can a replacement battery be obtained? For the US and Canada: Replacement batteries can be purchased from our partner: Special Products, LLC eBay Store. TDK Model Battery Part Number A12 EU-BT00004300-B A26 E23-00059-01 A28 33-0108-2-V A33 EU-BT00003000-B…

2 TREK Max Wireless Speaker - User Guide

Download TREK Max Wireless Speaker User Guide: User Guide (Multi-language pdf) User Guide (S venska & Suomi pdf)

3 TREK Max Wireless Weatherproof Speaker - Resetting the Unit

How can the TREK Max be reset? To reset the TREK Max: Remove the TREK Max pairing (forget) on your Bluetooth source device. Press the following sequence of buttons, approximately one second between each: Volume - Volume + Speaker phone button Bluetooth button…

4 Bluetooth pairing to more than one device

Can I pair my Bluetooth device to more than one Wireless speaker?       No, the specification for the Bluetooth protocol only allows pairing to one device at a time.   

5 TREK Max Wireless Weatherproof Speaker - Charging the battery

What are the settings for recharging the battery?   Connect the AC power adapter to the DC IN jack on the side of the TREK Max (under the protective flap on the right side of the unit) and then connect the plug to a 100V-240V wall outlet.  …

6 TREK Max Wireless Weatherproof Speaker - Battery replacement instructions

TREK Max A34 Wireless Weatherproof Speaker - Battery replacement instructions Source for replacement batteries .

7 TREK Max Wireless Speaker - Connections

What connectors are provided on the TREK Max? There are several connections and a battery switch on the TREK Max, located under the protective flap on the right side of the unit. Here are the definitions for these ports: USB Port: Connect your device via…

8 TREK Max Wireless Speaker - Battery Charge Status

Is there a way to determine the battery charge on the TREK Max? When the TREK Max is paired with Apple Bluetooth host devices, iPhone, iPad, iPod, using Software 7.1 and up, an additional feature is a visual battery charge indicator on the screen. The battery…

9 TREK Max Wireless Speaker - Differences from A33 Wireless Speaker.

What are the differences between the TREK Max Wireless Speaker and the A33 Wireless Speaker? Both speakers offer weather resistant wireless Bluetooth connection. The TREK Max is the newer model with some added features: Bluetooth pairing is simplified by…

10 TREK Max Wireless Speaker - Operator Controls

How are the buttons and controls used on the TREK Max? Operator Panel for TREK Max (Top side of speaker) Power Button: Press to turn the power on or off. Power Indicator: Indicates battery level and charging status. Amber - Power on, full charge Red blinking…

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