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1 Rechargeable Battery Replacements

Where can a replacement battery be obtained? For the US and Canada: Replacement batteries can be purchased from our partner: Special Products, LLC eBay Store. TDK Model Battery Part Number A12 EU-BT00004300-B A26 E23-00059-01 A28 33-0108-2-V A33 EU-BT00003000-B…

2 TREK Micro Wireless Speaker - User Manual

Download TREK Micro Wireless Speaker Quick Start Guide (Multi-language pdf)

3 Bluetooth devices start iTunes automatically

Why does my Bluetooth device automatically start iTunes? Your audio product includes a feature called AVRCP (Audio-Video Remote Control Profile). When the unit powers on and pairs with the Mac, or any other Bluetooth device, the unit will send a "Play" command…

4 TREK Micro Wireless Speaker - TWS (True Wireless Stereo) Operation

How is the TWS (True Wireless Stereo) operation set up? With two TREK Micro Wireless Speakers, the units can be configured for stereo playing of your Bluetooth music content. This setup is outlined in the Quick Start Guide that came with the unit. Additional…

5 TREK Micro Wireless Speaker - Resetting the Unit

How can the TREK Micro be reset? To reset the TREK Micro: Remove the TREK Micro pairing (forget) on your Bluetooth source device. Hold the "+" and "-" volume buttons down together for 10 seconds. The Bluetooth button will begin flashing rapidly when the reset…

6 TREK Micro Wireless Speaker - Operator Controls

How are the switches and controls used on the TREK Micro? The button controls, connections, indicators and battery switch are on the left and right sides of the TREK Micro. Controls on the left: Power/Bluetooth button. Press once to power ON. Press and hold…

7 TREK Micro Wireless Weatherproof Speaker - Play time of the rechargeable battery.

How long should the battery play on a full charge? There are a number of factors that will affect how long the TREK Micro Wireless Speaker will play on a full battery charge. Some things to check: Is the battery fully charged? The shortest charge time will…

8 Bluetooth pairing to more than one device

Can I pair my Bluetooth device to more than one Wireless speaker? No, the specification for the Bluetooth protocol only allows pairing to one device at a time. Note, however, that when two TREK Micro speakers are paired for stereo operation, the pair functions…

9 TREK Micro Wireless Weatherproof Speaker - Battery replacement instructions

TREK Micro Wireless Weatherproof Speaker - Battery replacement instructions Source for replacement batteries.

10 TREK Micro Wireless Speaker - Getting the most from your rechargable battery

What's the life expectancy of my TREK Micro rechargeable battery?   The TREK Micro battery should support about 500 recharge cycles if used in certain circumstances.   For best results, do not leave the power switch on when not…

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