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1 Rechargeable Battery Replacements

Where can a replacement battery be obtained? For the US and Canada: Replacement batteries can be purchased from our partner: Special Products, LLC eBay Store. TDK Model Battery Part Number A12 EU-BT00004300-B A26 E23-00059-01 A28 33-0108-2-V A33 EU-BT00003000-B…

2 Bluetooth devices start iTunes automatically

Why does my Bluetooth device automatically start iTunes? Your audio product includes a feature called AVRCP (Audio-Video Remote Control Profile). When the unit powers on and pairs with the Mac, or any other Bluetooth device, the unit will send a "Play" command…

3 A26 Portable Speaker - User Manual

Download Portable Speaker User Manual (pdf)

4 Bluetooth pairing to more than one device

Can I pair my Bluetooth device to more than one Wireless speaker?       No, the specification for the Bluetooth protocol only allows pairing to one device at a time.   

5 TREK A26 Wireless Weatherproof Speaker - Resetting the Unit

How can the TREK A26 be reset? To reset the TREK A26: Remove the TREK A26 pairing (forget) on your Bluetooth source device. Press the following sequence of buttons, as noted: Volume - (short press) Volume + (short press) Speaker phone button (press and hold…

6 A26 Wireless Weatherproof Speaker - Battery replacement instructions

A26 Wireless Weatherproof Speaker - Battery replacement instructions Source for replacement batteries.

7 A26 Wireless Weatherproof Speaker – Charging the Battery

Q: Why doesn’t the charging indicator come on when the A26 is connected to a power source? A: If the battery has been overly discharged, it may take 2 to 5 minutes before the red charging LED comes on after the unit is connected to a powered USB port. Please…

8 A26 Portable Speaker - Quick Play Guide

Download Portable Speaker Quick Play Guide (pdf)

9 A26 Wireless Portable Speaker - Declaration of Conformity

Download A26 Declaration of Conformity (pdf)

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