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1 Optical Drives and Windows 8.1

Are the TDK LoR Optical Drives compatible with the Windows 8.1 upgrade? First you will need to check your drive compatibility with the Windows upgrade to 8.1 by going to: and entering…

2 I/O Read Write Error When recording Blu-ray Discs

What should I do if I get a " I/O READ WRITE ERROR" message when trying to burn a Blu-ray disc? If you receive the "I/O Read Write Error" when burning Blu-ray discs check the following:   1. Does your system hardware meet the requirements of the…

3 Blu-Ray XL Slim External Drive - Manual

Download BDXL Drive Manual (pdf)

4 BDXL Writer - Sell Sheet

Blu-ray XL Writer Sell Sheet Download (pdf)

5 My Computer Boots Slower When an External Drive is Connected

Why is my computer slower when it boots with the external drive attached? Depending on how your BIOS boot sequence settings, most computers will check external drives and then internal drives for a disc to boot from. Finding no discs in these devices it will…

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