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1 WR700 - User Manual

Download WR700 User Manual. (pdf)

2 WR700 - Delay when using to monitor an instrument

When I plug my guitar into an amplifier or PC and use the TDK WR700 headphones to monitor an instrument, there is a noticeable delay which makes playing very difficult.  There is a delay of 0.125 seconds during transmission from the audio source to the…

3 WR700 - Kleer Technology

What is Kleer Technology and how does it differ from Bluetooth?  Kleer is a technology provider that delivers high-quality wireless audio through a robust, low power consumption 2.4 GHz radio link.  Unlike Bluetooth™, Kleer’s patented architecture…

4 WR700 - Compatible Devices

Which devices will work with the TDK WR700 headphones?  The WR700 headphone is compatible with any device accepting a 3.5 mm or 6.3 mm stereo plug, by plugging the 3.5mm transmitter directly into the audio source or using the included 6.3mm adaptor. 

5 WR700 - LED is blinking but no sound

My headphones appear to be working and the LED is blinking normally, but I can't hear any audio.  How do I fix it?  Turn off the headphones by pressing and holding the power button.  Turn the headphones and the transmitter back on…

6 WR700 - Warranty

What is the warranty on WR700 headphones? Imation warrants this product against defects for one year from the date of original purchase.

7 WR700 - Multiple headphones be connected to a single transmitter

How many headphones can be synced with a single transmitter?  Our technology enables up to 4 users to share the listening experience from  the same audio source. 

8 WR700 - Kleer Wireless Technology Information

Where can I get more information about Kleer Wireless Technology?  Several excellent whitepapers about Kleer's wireless technology can be downloaded from Kleer's website:  Kleer Technology Whitepapers 

9 WR700 - Buzzing Sound on Left Channel

Why is there a buzz/hum present on the left channel?  Please make sure your transmitter is properly connected to a signal source by fully inserting the plug into the headphone jack. 

10 WR700 - Compatibiliy with Digital Music Players

Do WR700 wireless headphones work with all digital music players?  Yes, they will work with any digital player that has a 3.5mm (1/8”) audio jack.  Note: Because WR700s do not include  an in-line mic or controls they are not recommended…

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