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1 Bluetooth devices start iTunes automatically

Why does my Bluetooth device automatically start iTunes? Your audio product includes a feature called AVRCP (Audio-Video Remote Control Profile). When the unit powers on and pairs with the Mac, or any other Bluetooth device, the unit will send a "Play" command…

2 V513 Wireless Sound Cube - User Manual

Download Wireless Sound Cube User Manual

3 V513 Wireless Sound Cube - FAQ

FAQ: V513 - TDK Wireless Sound Cube    How do I connect my Sound Cube with my computer via Bluetooth?       The sound cube works with Bluetooth v2.1, so if your computer has that version, there should be no problem.    …

4 V513 Wireless Sound Cube - Quick Play Guide

Download V513 Quick Play Guide. (pdf)

5 V513 Wireless Sound Cube - Sell Sheet

Sell Sheet for the TDK Wireless Sound Cube- Download

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