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1 TP6803 3-Speaker Boombox - Firmware Upgrade

Download firmware upgrade instructions. (pdf) Download 3 Speaker Boombox firware upgrade.

2 Power Supply Specs for 2-Speaker, 3-Speaker and SoundCube

What are the power requirements for the 2 Speaker, 3 Speaker, and Sound Cube?  Sound Cube:   18V, 1666mA, 30W       2 Speaker Boombox:   18V, 1666mA, 30W       3 Speaker Boombox:   24V, 1680mA, 40W  …

3 2-Speaker, 3-Speaker & Sound Cube - Auto-Off Feature

The Auto-Off feature does not work on my TDK Boombox.    The Auto-Off feature will only work when the Boombox is operating off of battery power.  When connected to AC power, the feature is completely disabled. 

4 2-Speaker & 3-Speaker Boombox - Volume knob will rotate on its own when released.

Situation you may encounter: After turning on the boombox and setting the volume, the volume knob will rotate on its own when released. Recommended Action: The boombox will need to be replaced. Root Cause: Inside the volume knob, there's a small PCB with…

5 TP6803 3-Speaker Boombox - User Manual

Download 3 Speaker Boombox User Manual. (pdf)

6 TP6803 3-Speaker Boombox and RDS feed on the left LCD

Does the LCD on the left side display RDS information when set to FM?  Yes, the left LCD will display RDS information in the US and Europe (Japan does not broadcast RDS).  This is contingent on having a strong radio signal, as well as having the…

7 TP6803 3-Speaker Boombox - Tripod Specification

What size is the tripod hole in the 3 Speaker Boombox?        The 3-speaker boombox has a receptacle for the 1-1/2" style tripod.   

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