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1 Power Supply Specs for 2-Speaker, 3-Speaker and SoundCube

What are the power requirements for the 2 Speaker, 3 Speaker, and Sound Cube?  Sound Cube:   18V, 1666mA, 30W       2 Speaker Boombox:   18V, 1666mA, 30W       3 Speaker Boombox:   24V, 1680mA, 40W  …

2 2-Speaker, 3-Speaker & Sound Cube - Auto-Off Feature

The Auto-Off feature does not work on my TDK Boombox.    The Auto-Off feature will only work when the Boombox is operating off of battery power.  When connected to AC power, the feature is completely disabled. 

3 TP6701 Sound Cube - Firmware Upgrade

Download firmware upgrade instructions. (pdf) Download Sound Cube firware upgrade.

4 TP6701 Sound Cube - User Manual

Download Sound Cube User Manual. (pdf)

5 TP6701 Sound Cube - Frequency Response

What is the Frequency Response of the Sound Cube?      70 Hz to 20 kHz.           

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