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1 TDK Turntable - Drive Belt Specifications

What are the specifications for the drive belt for TDK turntable models TVT1001 and TVT2002?      TDK part number 447-E13000-00R is the replacement drive belt for the TVT1001 and TVT2002.   The standard factory specifications for the drive…

2 Turntable - Type of Stylus

What kind of cartridge is the TDK life on Record Turntable equipped with?      The cartridge is a Moving Magnet style cartridge.    

3 Turntable - Power Supply Specs

What are the specs for the TDK Belt-Drive USB Turntable?  12V, .9A output  Center positive connector  Barrel length - 12.8mm  Inner diameter - 2mm  Outer diameter - 5mm   

4 Turntable Mechanical Component Specifications

          1) What is the weight of individual platter? Platter without pad = 3.20 lb. With pad = 3.25 lb.   2) What is the material? (It's made of...) Aluminum   3) What is the material of arm and construction one piece…

5 Turntable - The sound is not coming out from the generated file.

When recording a song from an LP into the computer generated file doesn't have any sound.  Why?    This is a Windows setting.  After the turntable is connected with the USB cable, you need to double check the audio input…

6 TVT2002 Turntable - User Manual

Download English Turntable Manual (pdf) Download French Turntable Manual (pdf) Download Spanish Turntable Manual (pdf)

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