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Rechargeable Battery Replacements
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Where can a replacement battery be obtained?

For the US and Canada:

Replacement batteries can be purchased from our partner:  Special Products, LLC eBay Store.

TDK ModelBattery Part Number
 A26 E23-00059-01
 A28 33-0108-2-V
 A33 EU-BT00003000-B
 A34 E23-00080-01
 A73 FBYA03396-0001
 Q35 EU-BT00003300-B
 A08  EU-BT00005700-B
 A25 EU-BT00005900-B

Outside the US and Canada, please contact our regional support offices:

Warranty questions or technical support should be directed to TDK LoR Support:

     Phone: 1-800-285-2783  Email:

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