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TREK Max Wireless Speaker - Connections
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What connectors are provided on the TREK Max? 

There are several connections and a battery switch on the TREK Max, located under the protective flap on the right side of the unit.  Here are the definitions for these ports:




USB Port:  Connect your device via a USB adapter cable (not included) to this USB jack.  Your device will charge as long as the TREK Max Battery switch in in the ON postion,  See the owner's manual that came with the external equipment for charging specifications.  Some devices may require a special USB adapter cable.  This port is not enabled for data transfer, only power to an external device.


AUX IN Jack:  Allows connection of LINE OUT from an external audio unit using an audio cable (not included) for direct playback of audio.  The AUX input will be automatically selected when the audio cable is plugged in.  Start playback of the external unit and the external audio unit's output will be heard through the TREK Max's speakers.  When connecting the AUX IN jack to the external audio device, the play/Pause/Skip buttons on the TREK Max will not control the external device.  This function only operates when using a Bluetooth connection.


Power Jack:  This is the charging port for the TREK Max unit using the supplied AC adapter plugged into a 100V/240V wall outlet.


ON/OFF Battery Switch:  This switch controls the charge on the battery when the TREK Max is not in use.  Recommended usage:

  • ON when operating under battery power or charging an external device using the USB connection.
  • OFF when the TREK Max is not being used.
  • With the AC adapter connected, the battery charges whether the switch is in the ON or the OFF position.
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