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TREK Max Wireless Weatherproof Speaker - Charging the battery
Reference Number: AA-00403 Views: 15771 Last Updated: 2014-11-26 09:34
What are the settings for recharging the battery? 

Connect the AC power adapter to the DC IN jack on the side of the TREK Max (under the protective flap on the right side of the unit) and then connect the plug to a 100V-240V wall outlet.


The TREK Max rechargeable battery will automatically be charged as long as the TREK Max is plugged in.  The Power indicator on the top of the unit will light red whenever the unit is charging.  It will turn amber when charging is complete and the Power button on the top is in the ON setting.  If the TREK Max top Power button has been OFF, the red power indicator goes off when the unit is fully charged.


With the AC power adapter connected, the TREK Max will charge whether the ON/OFF switch on the right side of the unit is in either the ON or the OFF position.  The purpose of this switch is to control the battery power.  When OFF the TREK Max will only operate from the AC power adapter.  When ON the TREK Max operates from battery power.  When the TREK Max is not being used and the AC power adapter is not connected, it is suggested that the ON/OFF switch be in the OFF position to reduce any gradual discharge of the nickel-metal hydride batteries.

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