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TREK Max Wireless Speaker - Differences from A33 Wireless Speaker.
Reference Number: AA-00402 Views: 8945 Last Updated: 2015-02-09 11:00
What are the differences between the TREK Max Wireless Speaker and the A33 Wireless Speaker? 

Both speakers offer weather resistant wireless Bluetooth connection.  The TREK Max is the newer model with some added features:

  •  Bluetooth pairing is simplified by simply touching with an NFC enabled device. 
  •  Pause and Resume buttons allow control of the music if the host device is not nearby. 
  •  Local track controls allow skipping and fast forward or reverse. 
  • For iDevices, iPhone, iPad and iPod, the volume controls on the TREK Max and the iDevice will be synced.  Changing the volume on either device will change the indicators on the other. 
  • Battery life has been improved on the TREK Max 
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