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Life Expectancy of Optical Media
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How long will my discs last if stored properly? 


Data Storage is important to everyone. After a disc is recorded we want to know that the information will be readable in the future.


TDK Life on Record branded Optical Media is manufactured and controlled according to the international standards set forth by Philips, the DVD Plus Industry Consortium, the DVD Forum and the Blu-ray Disc Association.


1. Unrecorded shelf life of optical media: How long can I keep a TDK Life on Record ™ branded CD, DVD or Blu-ray disc before I record data onto it?


Media manufacturers estimate the shelf life of optical media to be between 5 and 10 years. New digital content can be recorded reliably and stored onto an original-packed CD, DVD or Blu-ray disc over this defined period of time.


Note that external influences such as exposure to extreme temperature, humidity, UV light or extreme handling conditions can impact the performance significantly.


2. Longevity of data recorded: How long will data, once recorded onto an TDK Life On Record CD, DVD or Blu-ray disc, remain readable?


Lifetime estimation of any storage medium is very complex. Statistical methods and accelerated aging are used to estimate the longevity of the data retention. Improper testing or measurement procedures can seriously impact and compromise lifetime estimates.


TDK Life On Record and its optical media partners have performed extensive media longevity studies using industry defined tests and mathematical modeling techniques.


On the basis of the described studies and assuming adequate consideration of the specified conditions for storage and handling, as well as verification of data after writing, we estimate the TDK Life On Record CD, DVD or Blu-ray media to have a theoretical readability of up to 30 years. The primary caveat is how you handle and store the media.


Considering practical uses and everyday conditions, much earlier migration onto alternative technologies may be appropriate.

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