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TREK Micro Wireless Speaker - Operator Controls
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How are the switches and controls used on the TREK Micro?

The button controls, connections, indicators and battery switch are on the left and right sides of the TREK Micro. 



Controls on the left: 

  • Power/Bluetooth button.  Press once to power ON.  Press and hold until beep for Bluetooth pairing.  Fast blink, indicates ready for pairing.  Solid blue indicates paired.  Slow blink indicates pairing failed. 
  • LED indicator.  White for power ON.  Red for charging.  Flashing red for low battery. 
  • Volume control buttons.  + for increase, - for decrease.
 Controls on right: 
  • AUX in jack.  Audio input to the speaker. 
  • AUX out jack.  Audio out to another device. 
  • Micro USB connector.  Used for charging the TREK Micro unit. 
  • Battery switch.  Three position switch.  
  1. Top position is TWS (True Wireless Stereo) for pairing two TREK Micro units for wireless Bluetooth stereo operation. 
  2. Center is OFF to reduce drain on the battery when the TREK Micro is not in use. 
  3. Bottom position is ON to enable the battery operation. 

The Quick Start Guide provides additional information about settings and operation.

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