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Compatibility Tables for Optical Media
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Do you have any tables where I can check the compatibility of my drive with your optical media? 

To start, you can check the compatibility tables below. The compatibility tables consist of optical drives and firmware versions tested compatible by our suppliers.


NOTE: The tables are not an "all inclusive" listing of drives in the market. If you do not see your drive in the table you should check with your PC manufacturer and/or drive manufacturer for a listing of know compatible disc MIDs.


To use these tables you will need to know 2 things: 1) Your Drive Make and Model number and 2) the MID of the discs you plan to use. Please refer to disc ID to find instructions on how to locate the disc MID and your drive information.


Here are links to the various optical media formats.






4X BD-R           6X BD-R  


4X BD-R DL     6X BD-R DL


2X BD-RE        








CD Digital Audio


4X CDRW         10X CDRW




8X DVD-R         16X DVD-R


2X DVD-RW      4X DVD-RW


8X DVD+R         16X DVD+R








Professional Disc


To use the Compatibility Tables please follow these steps:

  1. When the tables open you will see a date (month and year) at the top left. This represents the date of the testing. You will also see a media speed and format at the top of the first page. 
    • For example: when selecting DVD Media you will see 8X DVD+R Compatibility.
    • As you scroll through the pages the drive manufacturer is listed alphabetically.
  3. The columns (from left to right) represent the Drive Manufacturer, Drive Model, Firmware, MID and Compatibility. 
    • The firmware is the version that was tested
    • The MID is the media identification of the disc format that was tested. (Note: every disc manufacturer has a unique MID for the format and speed of the media.)
    • The compatibility has either a speed, an "NC" or "NR" in the column.
      • The speed represents the speed the drive will record the disc at (Remember, the drive determines the write speed not the disc.)
      • "NC" represents Not Compatible. The drive write strategy has not been tuned to the disc MID. If the disc should burn it may abort while recording or not play back after recording. The disc may be recognized and burn but the drive is most likely using a default write strategy.
      • "NR" represents Not Recognized. The drive is not tuned to the MID of the disc.
    •  Please refer to this information for a troubleshooting flowchart.
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