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Formatting a Flash Drive on Windows
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How do I format my Flash Drive in Windows?

It is preferable to have the flash drive set up as a single public partition, since Windows Explorer will not recognize a password protected partition.  Alternatively, it will be necessary to format the public partition, and then log in to the device and format the private partition in a separate operation.


To format the drive in Windows:

  • Go to My Computer
  • Locate the corresponding drive letter for the Flash drive (e.g.. removable drive F)
  • Right click
  • Choose Format from the menu

A dialog box will come up and allow you to format your Flash Drive.  Depending on your operating system, you can choose to format the drive in FAT, FAT32, or NTFS.  Windows XP does not normally offer the NTFS format for removable drives.


Be aware that formatting the drive will erase all data on the device.  This includes the Lock password software.  If you are using this software, save it to your hard drive while the format takes place and then move it back to the flash drive at the completion of the format.  In the event the software has been lost, it can easily be downloaded again from our Website.

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