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Flash Drive Care and Handling
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How should I care for my Flash Drive?



Take appropriate precautions with your drive, just as you would any non-portable piece of equipment. Avoid dropping the drive, getting it wet, shaking it, or storing it in very hot or cold conditions. We suggest that you use the lanyard or key ring supplied with your drive to carry and store the Flash Drive. Other methods of carrying the drive, for example on a key chain, are not covered under warranty and may result in breakage to the lanyard coupling.


In the event your Flash Drive becomes wet, allow it to completely dry, both externally and internally, in a cool, dry place before trying to use it again. This may require several days or longer. Water or other liquids internal to the housing will likely cause the drive to short circuit and permanently damage the unit.


Like most storage devices, flash drives can deteriorate with usage and age.  While we have in place quality measures to ensure reliable operation, be sure to keep backup copies of important data on another device or storage medium.  This will protect against the unlikely event that your data becomes inaccessible.

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