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E454037380 Error on Disc Recorder
Reference Number: AA-00234 Views: 6740 Last Updated: 2014-11-26 09:34

Why do I get an E4 54037380 error when trying to record on my MAGNAVOX- ZC352MW8 recorder? Other manufacturer's discs work, why don't yours?


The MAGNAVOX- ZC352MW8 was manufactured in 2007. Disc incompatibility may be an issue with some disc MIDs.


Every disc manufactured has a disc Media Identification Code (MID) that represents the disc manufacturer and the process they use to manufacture the disc. The drive/recorder manufacturer will tune their drives/recorders to the disc MID to allow for the optimum or best recording onto the disc.


When newer MIDs become available, after the drive/recorder has been released to the market for sale, the drive/recorder manufacturer will tune to these newer MIDs and release a firmware update for the drive/recorder. These updates will program the drive/recorder to recognize the new MIDs of the discs. The buyer should check the drive/recorder website frequently to stay up to date on firmware to assure the best compatibility with the discs in the market.


When a drive/recorder manufacturer has not tuned their drive/recorder to the disc MID the recorder may give an E4 54037380 error which indicates that the disc cannot be recognized by the drive/recorder.


The discs may not be defective. It is more likely that the drive/recorder is not tuned to their MID.


The buyer of the recorder should check with the recorder manufacturer to assure that the discs they purchased or plan to purchase are tuned to this recorder.



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