I/O Read Write Error When recording Blu-ray Discs


What should I do if I get a " I/O READ WRITE ERROR" message when trying to burn a Blu-ray disc?

If you receive the "I/O Read Write Error" when burning Blu-ray discs check the following:


1. Does your system hardware meet the requirements of the software to allow recording of Blu-ray discs? (Check with your software and/or drive manufacturer for a listing of hardware requirements.) Note: Cyberlink offers a Blu-ray Disc &3D Advisor program that will scan your system and tell you if your system hardware is capable of recoding to Blu-ray discs. Go to Cyberlink.com and search for the BD_3D Advisor program.


2. Do you have "Streaming" turned on in your software?


3. Do you have 'buffer underrun protection" turned on in the software?


These are suggested starting points to troubleshoot this error.