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11 WR700 - How many batteries are required and how long do they last?

How many batteries are required and how long do they last?  Four AAA batteries are needed and included with the WR700s. Two in the headphones and two in the transmitter. When listening at average volumes, the batteries will last 30-40 hours. 

12 WR700 - Not playing music

My WR700 wireless headphones try to turn on, but won't play music.  Are the batteries dead?  As the batteries drain, the WR700 headphones will detect the low voltage and light the LED to indicate that the batteries should be replaced.  The…

13 WR700 - Noise Feature

Are the TDK WR700 headphone active noise cancelling headphones?  No, the WR700 does not have active noise cancelling circuitry.  They do provide noise isolation due to the design of the ear covers. 

14 WR700 - Synchronization Process

How do I sync the headphones to the transmitter?  1) Make sure the volume setting on the audio player is low, then insert transmitter into a suitable headphone jack, using the extension cable, if needed.   2) Press the power button. The LED will…

15 WR700 - Range of Radio Transmitter

What is the range of the TDK WR700 radio transmitter? The WR700 has a range of 10 meters (33 feet) in a typical home environment.  Actual range may vary depending on environment and the presence of other ISM devices and household appliances.

16 WR700 - Cleaning

Can I clean WR700 headphones without damaging the headphones?  Yes, your headphones will likely need periodic cleaning.  Use a dry cloth and wipe gently. 

17 WR700 - Radio Frequencies

What radio frequencies are used by the TDK WR700 headphones?  The WR700 operates in the 2.4 GHz industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) radio band.  The WR700 has 16 channels to choose from, insuring the best possible radio performance. 

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