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21 Secure Flash Drive Software Encryption

Why does data stored on the Secure removable flash drive not appear to be encrypted?  Why can't I open encrypted files on my drive in Windows Explorer?   Encryption on the Secure flash drive is not automatic and must take place through…

22 Differences between Secure and Secure+ Flash Drives

How does the Secure Flash Drive differ from the Secure+ Flash Drive? Both the Secure and Secure+ flash drives encrypt the data placed on the device using 256-bit encryption. The table below shows some differences: Model Encryption Method Options Secure Software…

23 Mac Compatibility of Secure Flash Drive

Is the Secure Flash Drive compatible with Mac OS? It is not possible to encrypt data on the Secure flash drive on a Mac operating system, since the application that enables software encryption is only Windows compatible. However, the Secure drive can store…

24 Secure Plus Drive Letter Display in Windows

Why does the secure drive not appear when connecting my Secure Plus flash drive?  When connecting the Secure Plus drive to a Windows 7 or Windows 8 computer, the encrypted secure partition does not show in Windows Explorer until the corrrect password…

25 Windows 8 Error when Opening Encrypted Image Files

Why does an error display when trying to open Secure Flash software encrypted image files on Windows 8? Encrypted image files can normally be opened by double clicking the title in the Secure Flash access window. An error message may occur on Windows 8 when…

26 Mac Compatibility of Secure + Flash

Is the Secure + Flash Drive compatible with Mac OS? No. The application that enables access to the hardware encrypted data on the Secure+ drive only operates on Windows platforms. Therefore, there is no method to access the data on a Mac machine.

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