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TREK Flex Wireless Weatherproof Speaker - Resetting the Unit
Reference Number: AA-00462 Views: 8510 Last Updated: 2016-02-14 13:32

How can the TREK FLEX be reset?

Remove the TREK FLEX pairing (forget) on your Bluetooth source device.

Press the following sequence of buttons in quick succession, a half second or less between each:

  1. Volume -
  2. Volume +
  3. Speaker phone button
  4. Bluetooth button

After the reset takes place, a single and a double tone will sound on the unit, the volume LEDs set to three bars and the Bluetooth indicator should be fast blinking, ready for pairing with a device.

Re-pair the TREK FLEX with your Bluetooth host.

  • Performing a reset maybe useful in the following situations:
  • Forget the paired Bluetooth settings on the TREK FLEX
  • Unit will not pair with a device
  • Unit is paired but not playing
  • Sound quality appears to have deteriorated

Note:  iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch devices that have been previously paired with the TREK FLEX may not pair again until a"forget device" is executed on the iDevice.

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