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TREK FLEX Wireless Speaker - Operator Controls
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Operator Panel for TREK Flex (Top side of speaker)

Power Button:  Press to turn the power on or off. (6)

Power Indicator:  Indicates battery level and charging status. (5)

  • Amber - Power on, full charge
  • Red blinking - Needs charging
  • Red - Charging

Volume Buttons:  Press to set the desired volume level.  Indicators show level. (7, 9)

Bluetooth Button:  Press to manually set up the Bluetooth mode.  To make the unit "discoverable," press and hold for 3 seconds until a "beep" is heard and the indicator begins fast blinking.  If unable to connect within 2 minutes, the indicator will revert to slow blinking. (11)

Phone/Play/Pause/Skip Button:  (13)

  • Press to answer an incoming phone call.  Press the Phone Button twice to end the call.
  • Press the button to start playback and again to Pause or Resume playback.
  • Press the button twice to advance to the next track.
  • Press the button three times to go back to the previous track.

NFC Logo:  The TREK Flex has NFC (Near Field Communication) capability.  Devices, such as smart phones and tablets, with this feature can be Bluetooth paired by touching them together or bringing them into close proximity. (3)

Additional information is contained in the TREK Flex Quick Start Guide (pdf)

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