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My Computer Boots Slower When an External Drive is Connected
Reference Number: AA-00399 Views: 2658 Last Updated: 2014-11-26 09:34

Why is my computer slower when it boots with the external drive attached?

Depending on how your BIOS boot sequence settings, most computers will check external drives and then internal drives for a disc to boot from. Finding no discs in these devices it will then check the hard drive.


This takes time to check all the devices and that is what slows the start-up of the computer.


If you are experiencing this, check your BIOS boot sequence settings. If they are set to boot off an external drive (USB drive) then the system will look for the external drive first and check if there is a bootable disc in the drive to boot from. If no disc is present then the system will check the next drive on the settings list.


You can change the boot sequence or remove the external drive from the settings. This should speed up the computer boot sequence.

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