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90 Minute Disc Recording
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My drive does not recognize a 90 minute disc. Are they mislabelled? 

90 minute media may not be recognized by drives or software as 90 minute media which may lead to frustration for the end-user.



However, there are steps that can be taken to record the full capacity of this media.



Below is an example of 80 minute, 700MB CDR Media recognized by the Memorex MRX-550L internal optical drive using Imgburn software. As you can see, the media is recognized as having 79:59:69 (minutes, seconds, frames) of time for recoding and 736,960,512 bytes of free space.






Next is the same drive and software but a 90 minute, 800MB CDR.




As you can now see, the drive recognizes the media and the software is reporting that it has 11:01:46 (minutes, seconds, frames) of available recording time and 101,316,608 bytes of free space.This is clearly inaccurate. The software recognizes the disc but not the correct amount of capacity or time available for recording.


Arcsoft's TotalMedia Extreme Record and Cyberlink Power2Go both report inaccurate information. Nero CD Speed reports inaccurate capacity but not Length (recording time) availability. These are software issues not disc issues and can be worked around within the software settings.







When using 90 minute CDR you will need to assure that your software settings are set to record the full capacity of the disc.


Here are two examples of how to set up for recording a 90 minute CDR with Nero or Imgburn software:




To record








To record with Imgburn software:




To recordImageImageImage

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