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TREK Micro Wireless Weatherproof Speaker - Play time of the rechargeable battery.
Reference Number: AA-00389 Views: 6143 Last Updated: 2015-02-09 10:57

How long should the battery play on a full charge? 


There are a number of factors that will affect how long the TREK Micro Wireless Speaker will play on a full battery charge.

Some things to check: 

  • Is the battery fully charged? 
    • The shortest charge time will be with the USB power cable attached and the unit turned off .  Playing the unit during charging will take additional time.  The battery is fully charged when the red LED has turned OFF when the charging cable is attached to a powered USB port. 
  • How old is the battery? 
    • A new battery will charge faster and reach a higher charge than an older battery.  This is characteristic of all rechargeable batteries. 
  • Is the battery power switch on the right end of the unit in the OFF position when the Wireless Speaker is not in use? 
    •  Leaving the battery power switch ON, even though the Power button on left side of the unit is OFF, will gradually discharge the battery. 
  •  What volume level is being used for playing music? 
    • The volume level has a significant effect on the length of the battery charge.  
    •  For example, here are some trial results on play time for a new, fully charged battery: 
      • At half volume setting (half way from 0 to max.) -  up to 8.5 hours
      • At full volume setting (max.volume) - up to 4 hours
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