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TREK Micro Wireless Speaker - Getting the most from your rechargable battery
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What's the life expectancy of my TREK Micro rechargeable battery? 

The TREK Micro battery should support about 500 recharge cycles if used in certain circumstances.


For best results, do not leave the power switch on when not using the unit. Leaving the unit on will slowly drain the battery until it is fully discharged. Fully discharging the battery and leaving it discharged may shorten its life. The longer it it stays depleted, the more damage to your battery's life. We suggest fully charging the unit and turning it off (moving the battery switch under the flap on the right side of the unit to the center, OFF) if you're not going to use it for a while.


Remember that the play time of the battery is related to the volume setting.  Playing at full volume will use significantly more power than lower volume settings, and the battery will discharge sooner.


"Memory Effect" can occur with NiMH batteries.  This happens if the battery of the TREK Micro is not fully discharged occasionally.  For example, if the unit is only used to 50% power on a regular basis and recharged, the battary may forget that the full capacity is available and shut down at 50%.  It is recommended that the unit be fully charged and fully discharged at least once every two or three months to avoid the "memory effect."


NiMH batteries as they age will show a decline in the running time compared to a new battery.  This is typical of all rechargeable batteries.

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