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Using the 2-in-1 USB Flash Drive on an Android smart phone or tablet
Reference Number: AA-00382 Views: 5586 Last Updated: 2014-11-26 11:19
How are files viewed and transferred using the 2-in-1 USB flash drive?

Compatible with many Android devices, the drive allows you to transfer or view content without the need for a computer.


Also, the unit plugs into a Windows, Mac or Linux operating system computer to complete the transfer of files to or from your mobile device.


To view files on an Android smart phone or tablet:

  • Attach the 2-in-1 flash drive to the micro USB port of your USB On-The_Go compatible mobile device.
  • Typically, a message or icon appears on the screen that the device is connected.  On some devices a screen will pop up showing content.
  • Go to the native file manager of your smart phone or tablet and select the USB drive.  If no file manager is included, use an App for this capability.  A free App that works well on most devices is ES File Explorer.  It is available on Google Play Store.
  • View files or play music from the 2-in-1 flash drive.

Transferring data to/from the 2-in-1 flash drive:

  • The same App that allows viewing files will have the capability to select files or folders on either the host device or the drive and complete Copy, Cut or Paste operations between the units.
  • The drive can then be disconnected and operated on the USB port of any computer with Windows, Mac or Linux operating systems.

Note:  Since the Apple mobile devices, iPhone and iPad, do not have OTG support, they are not compatible with the 2-in-1 USB flash drives.

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