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TREK Micro Wireless Speaker - TWS (True Wireless Stereo) Operation
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How is the TWS (True Wireless Stereo) operation set up?

With two TREK Micro Wireless Speakers, the units can be configured for stereo playing of your Bluetooth music content.  This setup is outlined in the Quick Start Guide that came with the unit.  Additional details of this operation are listed below:


Note: If the either of the TREK Micro units have been previously paired to a Bluetooth device, un-pair (forget) both units before proceeding with the following procedure.

  1. Set the battery switch (under the flap on the right end of the units) to the TWS position (switch all the way up.)
  3. Turn on each unit by pressing the Power button on the left side of the units.  LED indicators will flash red in the lower right of the front of both speakers and units will periodically beep to indicate pairing is taking place.
  5. When pairing is complete between the two speakers, about 2 minutes, the LED indicators will flash white to show ready for pairing to the Bluetooth device.
  7. Press and hold the power button flashing blue until a beep is heard and it begins flashing rapidly. 
  9. Select the TREK Micro in the settings menu of the Bluetooth host device,
  11. When the pairing completes the front LED on the left speaker will be steady white and the front LED on the right speaker will be steady red.
  13. The last used music should begin playing.  Position the two speakers for optimum listening.

Once the dual speakers are paired, adjusting the volume on either speaker changes the volume for both.


Also. when paired, powering either unit OFF using the left Power button will shut down both.  Turning both back ON, individually, resumes the stereo operation, as soon as the connection is reestablished.





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