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Safely Remove the 2-in-1 USB Flash Drive
Reference Number: AA-00367 Views: 2825 Last Updated: 2014-11-26 09:34
How do I avoid the "Unexpected Removal" message on my smart phone or tablet when unplugging the 2-in-1 USB flash drive?

Most On-The-Go (OTG) enabled smart phones or tablets have a way to safely disconnect the 2-in-1 USB flash drive.  This is a good practice which avoids corrupting data, if a data transfer is in progress when unplugging a drive.  The most common method to disconnect is to open the Settings App, select Storage and scroll to the bottom of the list.  Tap the OTG USB dismount or disconnect entry.


Other devices, e.g. Samsung products, may have a swipe down menu accessible from any screen which includes the disconnect function.

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