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2-in-1 USB Flash Drive on Google Nexus 7 tablet
Reference Number: AA-00364 Views: 3010 Last Updated: 2014-11-26 13:13

Does the Google Nexus 7 tablet (2013 model) operate with the  2-in-1 USB flash drives?

The Google Nexus 7 does not have direct On-The-Go (OTG) support for USB devices. However, the Nexus Media Importer App can be purchased on the Google Play Store. It enables full access and transfer capability for data export and import on the connection to the  2-in-1 flash drives.  It does not require rooting of your device.


For viewing of photos on the attached 2-in-1 USB flash drive, the Nexus Photo Viewer is a free App that can be downloaded from Google Play Store.  The Photo Viewer is a way to check compatibility of your device prior to purchasing the Nexus Media Importer.  If Photo Viewer functions, the Nexus Media Importer should provide full upload and download support.

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