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TDK Turntable - Drive Belt Specifications
Reference Number: AA-00360 Views: 6284 Last Updated: 2014-11-26 09:34
What are the specifications for the drive belt for TDK turntable models TVT1001 and TVT2002? 



TDK part number 447-E13000-00R is the replacement drive belt for the TVT1001 and TVT2002.


The standard factory specifications for the drive belt are:

 Material natural rubber
 Circumference (relaxed) 842 mm (33.1")
 Circumference (installed) 1003 mm (39.5")


 6 mm (0.236")
 Tickness 0.8 mm (0.031")
 Hardness (ASTM D1415) 70 deg



If the factory replacement belt cannot be obtained, a substitute drive belt may be used.


A standard large flat drive belt of circumference 35.1 inches (FRX35.1) has been tested and provides acceptable performance for speed accuracy and wow & flutter.


Substitute belts may be purchased online from several sources, including:


Turntable Needles


The Needle Doctor



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