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Optical Drives and Windows 8.1
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Are the TDK LoR Optical Drives compatible with the Windows 8.1 upgrade?


First you will need to check your drive compatibility with the Windows upgrade to 8.1 by going to: and entering the brand, model number and version of your drive in the search box.


Windows and Mac operating systems normally contain drivers for the Optical Disc Drives. The drives will operate with these operating systems whether it is XP, 7, Vista or 8 - Mac Lion, Snow Leopard, etc. "Plug-and-play" drives are very common and the fact that the operating system already has the drivers for the optical drive programmed in allows the drives to be recognized by your computer and prepare themselves for playing/recording right from the start.


The second piece to the operation of optical drives with your computer is the software used to play or record the information on the disc.


Be sure to also check your software to assure it is compatible and will operate on the operating system you are using!


Windows comes with default software for viewing movies and data on the disc in your drive. However, if the software you were using with your old system is not compatible with Windows 8.1 operating system the drive will not function as expected.


Note: The Cyberlink and Arcsoft software we bundle with the earlier versions of our drives IS NOT windows 8.1 compatible. For example: We bundle Nero 12 Essentials with the MRX-650LE drive. This software is not compatible with Windows 8.1. Nero 12 doesn't officially support Windows 8.1. Windows 8.1 is only supported with Nero 2014.
 Nero suggests that you upgrade to Nero 2014 here:


Drives bundled with software and released into the market before an operating system upgrade may or may not work with the new operating system. You should always check for compatibility with the software and operating system you are using. You can do this by visiting the websites of the software manufacturer/drive manufacturer or look at the packaging to check.

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