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Encrypting Contents of a Flash Drive
Reference Number: AA-00326 Views: 5118 Last Updated: 2014-11-26 09:57
How can data be encrypted on a flash drive?

There are several flash drives offered with hardware encryption on the device. 


Hardware encryption is incorporated into the Secure Plus and the IronKey and Defender families of products.


Software encryption was included on the (now discontinued) Secure and F50 Pivot drives.


If encryption is needed on entry level flash drives that do not have it, we recommend obtaining a third party software encryption product.  For users of Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate or Enterprise editions, Bit Locker is included and would be a possible solution.  This is also offered on Windows 8 as described at this link.


If the flash drive has password protection software, e.g. Flash Lock, we recommend repartitioning the drive to the maximum capacity in the Public partition.  Then delete the password software application before applying the encryption software.


Note: The password software provided on some of our products provides a level of protection but does not encrypt data.

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