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WR700 - Delay when using to monitor an instrument
Reference Number: AA-00315 Views: 4017 Last Updated: 2014-11-26 09:34
When I plug my guitar into an amplifier or PC and use the TDK WR700 headphones to monitor an instrument, there is a noticeable delay which makes playing very difficult. 
There is a delay of 0.125 seconds during transmission from the audio source to the wireless headphones.  The delay is required to give the headphones an opportunity to request a retransmission of data or to select a new frequency channel when interference is detected, greatly improving the quality and reliability of the audio signal.  Unfortunately, when playing a musical instrument the time delay is unexpected, making it very difficult to simultaneously play and listen.  Professional wireless in-ear monitors and instrument pickup systems are designed for minimal delay using analog VHF radios. 
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