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Formatting Large Capacity Flash Drives
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How can a 64GB flash drive be formatted to FAT32?



For 32GB or larger drives, USB or internal, the preferred format for Windows systems is NTFS.  In some cases it may be desirable to format the unit to FAT32.  Some of the limitations of doing this for Windows XP are discussed in this Microsoft link.  The Windows operating system does not offer the option of formatting 64GB flash drives to FAT32 through drive properties or by the Disk Management interface.  The most reliable method of reformatting to FAT32 is by a third party utility.


Here are several choices, in the event that FAT32 is required:


Caution: All formatting operations will erase the content.  Perform a backup of all important data prior to starting a format operation.

  1. The Lock password software supplied with a number of our flash drives defaults to a FAT32 format during setup of the secure partition.  Simply perform the repartition operation to complete.  It is not necessary to move the slider to a different position.  The same settings will apply to the reformatted drive.
  3. Formatting the flash drive under a different operating system with FAT32 support should be compatible, e.g. Linux or Mac.
  5. Select a third party formatting utility by searching the Internet.

Use of any format operation other than the Lock software approach (1 above) will erase the Lock software from the device.  Either save it externally prior to the operation or re-download it from our Website.

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