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V513 Wireless Sound Cube - FAQ
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FAQ: V513 - TDK Wireless Sound Cube

How do I connect my Sound Cube with my computer via Bluetooth?
 The sound cube works with Bluetooth v2.1, so if your computer has that version, there should be no problem.
 On your computer, click Start and go to Control Panel. Once in Control Panel, click on Internet and Networks. When you get to the Internet and Networks page, you should see the Bluetooth symbol. Have the Sound Cube's Bluetooth on. To do this you can just turn the unit on, press the Source/Select control and select the Bluetooth option, which would be the little blue symbol on the unit. Once you have Bluetooth selected, press and hold the Source/Select button until the light begins blinking and makes a beep sound. After you have the Bluetooth turned on the Sound Cube, go back to your computer and select the Bluetooth icon. You should see an option that says "Add a Bluetooth device." Go through the step by step process to adding the Sound Cube to the Bluetooth devices on your computer.
 What is the farthest I can go from the Sound Cube with the Bluetooth connection still working?
 The Sound Cube can have a Bluetooth connection with another device for up to about 30 feet.
 Does the Sound Cube stay connected with the Bluetooth device after turning off the unit?
 Once you turn off the unit, the connection is terminated between the Sound Cube and the device. When you turn the Sound Cube back on, the Sound Cube will reconnect with the last device it was
 connected to (if in range).
 What other devices does the unit work with besides iDevices?
 For Androids devices, the unit works fine. The unit will connect with a Blackberry device but will lose connection after the song you are listening to changes.
 Would the new Gen of Apple devices work with the Sound Cube via USB?
 The USB port is for charging only.
 How many speakers are in the Sound Cube?
 Four 2" Full Range Drivers, Two 5.25" Passive Radiators, and One 5.25" Subwoofer
 Would I be able to use my wireless Bluetooth headphones with the sound cube?
 The Sound Cube is a Bluetooth receiver only. It is not possible to connect Bluetooth
 headphones as there is no output signal/port from the Sound Cube.
 Would the warranty cover if a speaker blew out on the Sound Cube?
 Depending on the lab analysis, the warranty would cover the unit.
 Would the warranty replace a speaker on the unit or would the entire unit have to be replaced?
 The entire unit would be replaced.
 Battery Specs: Lithium Battery CR2025 3V 
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