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Secure Flash Drive Software Encryption
Reference Number: AA-00256 Views: 3091 Last Updated: 2014-11-26 09:34
Why does data stored on the Secure removable flash drive not appear to be encrypted?  Why can't I open encrypted files on my drive in Windows Explorer? 

Encryption on the Secure flash drive is not automatic and must take place through the SecurFlash application.


The drive uses software encryption for securely storing and retrieving files. This must take place by dragging and dropping to the SecurFlash application on the Secure drive.


When the Secure drive is connected to a Windows computer, two icons should appear in Windows Explorer (My Computer):
      SecurFlashCD-ROM (drive letter)
      SECUREFLASH(drive letter)


By double clicking on the OpenSecureFiles icon in the CD-ROM drive, a Window opens to enter a password and then opens the interface for encrypting and de-crypting files. Detailed information on the usage of this software is contained in the QuickStart document on the CD-ROM drive.


If autorun is enabled on the PC, the password entry screen should come up when the flash drive is connected. If not, it is necessary to go to the OpenSecureFiles icon.


It is important to note that once files are encrypted, accidentally deleting the SecurFS folder on the writable drive will render the encrypted files permanently inaccessible. The Secure drive will still be usable and a new password can be entered, but previously encrypted files are not recoverable.


When the Secure flash drive is connected, there should always be two icons shown in Windows Explorer (My Computer), as noted above; but based on drive mapping on a particular PC, they may not be consecutive.
 Note:  Transfering data directly to the writable portion of the Secure drive does not encrypt the data.  This allows use of the drive as a normal non-encrypting flash drive.  However, at a later time by executing the OpenSecureFiles application from the read-only drive letter it is possible to select a file and encrypt it using the Encrypt button.

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