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Locating the Drive Info and Disc MID
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 How Can I locate the Drive Information and Disc MID Easily?




When troubleshooting you may need to check the drive compatibility with your discs. To do this you will need to know how to find the drive information as well as the disc MID. Also, you can check your drive firmware version with this program.


Drive manufacturers tune their drives to the disc MID and set parameters for an optimal recording.
 When the drive is not tuned to the disc MID the disc may not work.
 Recommended Action:
 To do this easily, you should download and install a free program called ImgBurn. (Note: Nero CDSpeed/OptiTools is no longer a free download.)
 Please refer to these step by step instructions:
 To download the imgBurn software - which is a FREE download - Go to
 Click on DOWNLOAD in the menu bar at the top of the page.
 Next select any of the hosting locations from the bold black text in the center pane.
 DO NOT SELECT THE “Download” or “Download Now” links on this page!
 Click on the “Click here to download” text
 Save file to your desktop and launch to install. Follow the on screen instructions.
 Once installed and launched, select write image file to disc.
 Select your drive from the drop down listing.
 Insert the disc into your drive and see the drive information including the MID code of the disc.
 To check if the drive firmware is up to date:

 Select TOOLS from the menu bar.
 Select DRIVE from the drop down menu.
 Art this point a message window appears to tell you that an internet connection is needed and that the program will connect to firmwarehq. It will also tell you the firmware version of the drive selected in the destination window in this program.

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