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Power for Flash Drives
Reference Number: AA-00238 Views: 5650 Last Updated: 2014-11-26 10:06

Do Flash Devices require power to work?



Yes, all Flash Drives do require power to read from or write to a memory cell. Your computer's USB connector interface can supply bidirectional data and low power to the device connected to it. The USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 Flash Drives draw very little power and do not need an external power source, so they operate quite nicely from power supplied by the USB port. (Mac users, the drive draws more power than is supplied on the USB port on a Mac keyboard. If you use the keyboard port, you may get a low power message. You should use the Flash drives on the USB ports on your computer.)


Once the information is stored on the flash drive, no power is needed to maintain the data.

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