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USB Flash Drive Connection
Reference Number: AA-00233 Views: 6322 Last Updated: 2014-11-26 09:34

What should I do after I insert my Flash Drive into the USB port?



As soon as a flash drive is connected to the USB port, the operating system will recognize and initialize the device. Afterwards, the drive will appear as an additional storage device on the system, and can be used like a hard disk. From Windows, to find the flash drive click on My Computer or Windows Explorer and the flash drive will appear as an additional drive. Macintosh users will find the icon on their Desktop or it can be accessed in the Finder menu.


Some flash drives may have included software on the device for configuration and password access to a Private partition on the device on Windows operating systems.  Use of this software is optional with the exception of the Secure Plus, which requires a login to be able to access the data.


All flash drives are "plug and play" and do not require installation of any drivers.

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