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TAC3521 FM Radio + Alarm Clock App - FAQ
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Q. What Apple devices are compatible with the FM Radio + Alarm Clock App?
A. TD: Same device list that is listed in the QSG (under the compatibility section)


Q. If my iPod/iPhone is not compatible with the FM Radio + Alarm Clock App, will I be able to use the radio and alarm?
A. TD: No, because there is no built in alarm clock function. Only FW Radio can use in this case. The user can simply press the backward (|<<) or skip (>>|) button to scan the radio station.


Q, Am I able to control an external device using the buttons on the unit while it's connected through the Line In jack?
A. TD: No, the unit cannot control the player (source) through the Line-in cable.


 Q. The built-in battery is no longer working. Is this a replaceable battery? If so we'll need to order some to have on hand.

A. TD: Battery can be replaced but should be handled by our product support technician. For order replacement batteries, please use this part no: 444340008009 (order through 3NOD as supplier)


Q. Does it come with a remote?
A. TD: No

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