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CD-RW Media Access Errors
Reference Number: AA-00205 Views: 2853 Last Updated: 2014-11-26 09:59

Why do I get the message that "There is no disk in the drive," or a similar error, when I try to "Save As" to a CD?



Most backup programs for home computers aren't written so that they recognize a CD-RW disc as a viable backup medium. To make the disc recognizable, you have to format your TDK Life On Record CD-RW disc for Drive Letter Access (DLA), or drag-and-drop functionality.
 If your home computer includes a CD burner, the computer probably came with a packet writing program included in the computer's burning software package. A packet writing program will allow you to re-format your TDK Life On Reocrd CD-RW disc so you can drag-and-drop, or "drag to disc." The most common packet writing programs are: Ahead Nero/InCD, Veritas RecordNow/DLA, HP RecordNow/DLA, Sonic MYDVD, and Roxio Direct CD (now owned by Sonic). For assistance using these programs, please contact the software manufacturer. 
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